Salvation Army Needing Donations for Back to School

GRAND FORKS, ND (WDAZ-TV) - Back to school time is quickly approaching and supplies can be costly.

The Salvation Army is known for helping kids get their supplies, but this year the need is increasing.

The cost of everything from rent to school supplies is rising. But income levels are generally staying the same. It's leading to a rush on the Salvation Army.

The poverty level in Grand Forks is at 24%, and that's being reflected in the demand for back to school basics.

Summer Garrison says she and her family of nine kids come to Salvation Army for back to school assistance every year.

Garrison: "With the school supplies they get, they're pretty much set for the year. All I really have to get are the basics like clothes and shoes and stuff like that."

Two years ago, the Salvation Army had 400 kids sign up for school supplies. Last year the number jumped to 600.

Salvation Army officials say there's a good possibility that number will climb again this year by the hundreds.

On Monday, just the first day of sign up, around 55 families, roughly 100 kids, came in for assistance.

Anyone is eligible for school supplies. The Salvation Army hopes people won't take advantage of the program.

Summer is thankful her kids are getting their backpack of supplies thanks to Salvation Army.

Garrison: "I think it's just a good place and it helps a lot the parents who need it and the kids."

Sign up this week, Monday through Friday, from 1:00 to 3:00 pm at Salvation Army at 1600 University Avenue. You need to bring an ID, proof of employment, and social security card.


Source: (07/17/17)

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